Regenerative Medicine FAQs

Regeneration is the natural healing process of cells, tissues, and organs. Regenerative medicine is an advanced non-invasive medical field that uses your body's own healing abilities to enhance the healing of damaged tissue and alleviate symptoms associated with joint degeneration.  Our team at Regenerative Medicine of Raynham LLC. provides customized regenerative procedures for pain management in the Raynham area. Our regenerative medicine is useful for relieving symptoms associated with chronic pain, acute injuries, and degenerative diseases like arthritis.


How Can Regenerative Medicine Help?

Regenerative medicine offers various benefits over traditional treatment methods like surgeries and pharmaceuticals. Rather than treating the symptoms, regenerative medicine stimulates the healing process by using your own bodies' natural healing capabilities. Here are the benefits of regenerative medicine.

How Does Regenerative Medicine Manage Pain?

If you suffer chronic pain in the area of your joints, you may consider regenerative medicine as a long-lasting option.  At Regenerative Medicine of Raynham LLC, Dr. Brian Petrie and his medical team can provide allograft tissue injections from umbilical cord tissue donated from live healthy cesarean section births that provide structural support and natural cushioning. This procedure may help relieve symptoms of chronic knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, and other arthritic conditions. The regenerative medicine procedure is an injection of umbilical cord tissue into injured or degenerated tendons and cartilages and may help alleviate pain and stimulate healing. 

What Are Some Elements of Regenerative Medicine?

  • Wharton's Jelly – The primary content of the umbilical cord tissue contains many growth factors and stem cells which may have the ability to renew and divide and create more of that same tissue within our joints and surrounding tissue.  
  • Growth factors and stem cells – primary function is to provide structural support and cushioning using a natural tissue consistent with what is natural to our own body. This tissue has the potential to be a more long-lasting solution for chronic joint pain.  
  • Regeneration- This is the process in which tissue regrows or regenerates, resulting in healing and possibly relieving symptoms associated with degeneration and wear and tear of your joints over the years.

Is Regenerative Medicine Painful?

Regenerative medicine prompts your body's self-healing response, making it an excellent alternative to painful surgeries. It is an almost painless procedure except for minimal discomfort in the injection site.

How Does It Help with Healing?

In addition to the tissue injection of Wharton's Jelly containing these growth factors and stem cells, Regenerative medical procedures stimulate your body's own natural healing abilities, which may continue for several months after the procedure. We normally will follow-up with for a 3 month time period performing advance in-office rehab procedures to continue to stimulate this healing. Although this follow-up care is not mandatory, we often find better outcomes with our patients that follow these recommendations.  After the injection procedure, you are able to resume your daily activities in a day or 2, but recommend you decrease your overall activity levels for at least 2 weeks, given time for the procedure to take effect. After 2 weeks, most people can return to regular activity with the understanding that the result may not be noticed until 4-6 weeks. 

This is not a procedure that masks your pain. It has the potential to last a lifetime and is without side effects.

How Does It Help with Mobility?

By injecting the Wharton's Jelly from the umbilical cord into a joint or surrounding tissue, regenerative medicine may have the ability to restores and strengthens the tendons and joint muscles, increasing your range of motion.

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