Dr. Petrie Adds Advanced Pain Management Technology To His Practice

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The Institute of medicine has recently stated that over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain costing the US economy 600 billion a year in medical treatment and loss of productivity.  

In addition to injuries, lack of exercise, poor diet, toxic chemicals, air pollution, harmful electromagnetic radiation and other environmental factors have all been proven to contribute to chronic pain and illness.

The key to health lies right under our noses hidden in every cell of our body.

If you were to take a look at how our cells function, it has the ability to accumulate and hold an electrical charge much like a capacity or battery.   Just as a cell phone battery holds a charge, the cells within our body and no different. Research has shown that as the charge (voltage) of a cell begins to drop, pain and disease begin to manifest.  So having optimal health can be defined by voltage.

There are essentially 3 ways to re-energize our cells.  

  • Physical exercise
  • Natural Springwater
  • Raw nutrition

However these 3 things alone are not always enough.  We can quickly bring ourselves back into balance when we add cellular exercise.

Cellular exercise is based on the principles of pulsed electromagnetic field technology.

PEMF has been used worldwide and as a standard therapy in Europe for decades. It dates back to include research from thought leading innovative like Nikola Tesla.  In 1979 the FDA approved PEMF for use in stimulated bone growth.  In 1987 used to assist in treatment of post-operative edema and pain.  In 2004 PEMF was used to stimulate healing in surgical fusion of the neck. 2011 PEMF was for treatment of patients with depression that were not responsive to medication.  In 2009 NASA used PEMF to reverse bone loss and muscle degeneration experienced by astronauts during space travel.

Today cellular exercise is the next step in the evolution of PEMF.  This is cutting edge technology and at the forefront of HealthCare.  The device is known as a X1 from Pulse Centers, located and manufactures in Cartersville, GA. They have the most cutting-edge range of cellular exercise systems on the market today. These systems are over 3 times stronger than the industry standard and have been designed and manufactured to rigorous specifications.

The systems come with several applicators designed to help target various problem areas to amplify the benefits of the treatments.  Healing times of fractures have been shown to be significantly accelerated as well as significant reduction in pain and swelling while accelerating your return to work, hobbies or sporting activities.

One of the greatest benefits is that there are no side effects. It is 100% safe and no one has ever been hurt on these devices. People just get well!!

To learn more please call our office at 508-821-4049 or visit the Pulse Centers website at www.PulseCenters.com


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