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What Do Adjustments Do For You?

What Do Adjustments Do For You?


Probably the biggest misconception in the office revolvesaround the adjustment.

Are You Square To The World?

Your adjustments are special. They are more than just you 'feelingbetter."

I've studied health and I understand that the underlyingcause of many health problems is from nervous system disturbances alongyour spine.

When I check all ages of people in my office, I often find their health problems show up asone or more spinal bones that are stuck and not moving correctly. I mean if thefront end of your car is not aligned, something is going to 'wear out'.

Many people come to the office thinking that a chiropracticadjustment puts the wayward bone back into its proper position with the bonesabove and below it and they're fixed.

Your Nervous System Controls Everything In Your Body

Actually, bones are static structures, but they are alive.They move when acted upon by your muscles. And muscles only contract whencommanded by your nervous system. Same with your organs.

That's why chiropractic is actually about the quality ofyour nervous system, not the condition of your spinal column.

I want you to remember, your body does the actual healing. Idon't. Same thing with medical doctors. They may do surgery, but they havenothing to do with healing.

Healing comes from above down and inside out. The adjustmenthelps you heal from the inside out. I use everything I know about anatomy,physiology and spinal biomechanics to partner with your body's wisdom so youheal and stay healthy.

My real job is not to heal you. My real job is to help yourbody stay clear of interference. If we work together, you're going to behealthier. That's why repeated visits help retrain muscles and with time, yourbody can "right" itself.

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