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Recently the news media has been tackling the subject of chronic pain, exploring its cause and also the current options available to treat chronic pain. While all agree that chronic pain exists, information on treatment options varies. The most commonly prescribed solutions are well-known by the public, yet one treatment proven to be just as effective without side effects is less well-known. This remedy is low level laser technology.


Pain, unlike other conditions, is a particularly difficult ailment to treat because it is considered subjective. People feel pain differently and it’s difficult to measure the degree of pain. Additionally, pain isn’t sourced from just one location in the body, increasing the complexity in finding an overall remedy. Drugs are commonly prescribed as a solution, yet side affects and addiction are extremely serious consequences.


Enter low level lasers. FDA approved for pain in 2001, LLLT (low level laser technology) has been used since the 1960s to treat pain in patients all over the world. In the simplest terms, low level lasers work by applying energy to affected areas which in turn increases stimuli to the spinal cord, brain stem and brain, inhibiting painful sensations. In addition to this stimulus, low level laser treatment reduces inflammation caused by restricted blood flow and muscle spasms.


LLLT can be administrated by any trained professional and is available all over the world. Though prescription drugs may continue to dominate treatment options, this painless, non-habit forming solution is one that, at the very least, should be considered when looking for chronic pain relief.

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