4 Questions on Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine may be the answer to certain health conditions. You may be like most people and have many questions about what is regenerative medicine, how it is performed, and if it is right for you.  Dr. Brian Petrie and the medical team at Regenerative Medicine of Raynham LLC, located in Raynham MA offers these cutting-edge therapies. Our goal is to reduce pain for our patients and get them back to doing the things they enjoy. We have gathered some common questions that we run into regarding regenerative medicine.

What is regenerative medicine?

When your body gets damaged, it has a natural reaction to try and heal itself. Sometimes it needs a little help to complete the healing process. With regenerative medicine, we provide natural assistance to support the recovery process. With this type of medicine, you can avoid more invasive treatments like surgery.

How is regenerative medicine provided?

Regenerative medicine involves injecting natural tissue similar in structure and function to your own tissue into the affected areas of your body.  The injections contain natural substances that are derived from umbilical cords tissue donated from live human birth caesarean sections. This provides a natural structural support and cushioning to joints and includes many different types of growth factors and stem cells which have the potential to repair the damage in your joints.

What conditions can benefit from regenerative medicine?

Many painful conditions can potentially benefit from regenerative medicine. Things like torn ligaments, arthritis in the spinal joints, cartilage damage, and chronic muscle strain have been treated using this type of procedure. Sports injuries can also benefit from this type of treatment. Once the injection has been performed, these natural tissues will also work to stimulate your body’s own ability to heal.

Can everyone benefit from regenerative medicine?

The simple answer is no, not everyone can benefit from regenerative medicine. Depending on how bad the injury is or how far the degeneration has progressed, other treatments may be a better option. We can help you determine if this form of treatment is right for you.

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