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Dr. Brian Petrie's Treatment for Car Accident Injuries

So If you are have suffered from a spinal ligament injury as a result of a recent car accident and you don't know the best way to treat it, the chiropractic office of Dr. Brian Petrie specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of these injuries. One of our primary focus and expertise lies in treating spinal ligament injuries which frequently occur from accident related injuries and often not diagnosed or tested for. Only when you have an accurate diagnosis you can  properly manage and treat these spinal ligament injuries and the spinal instabilities and long term chronic pain they can create. We can accurately diagnosis the exact level and severity of your injury utilizing a specific x-ray test followed by a procedure known as a computerized radiographic mensuration analysis CRMA. This allows us to create a spot on personalized treatment plan. 

In the end, we as a SmartInjuryDoctors (tm), can help to reduce the risk that your spinal injury and your pain become everlasting and change your lifestyle. Call our office today to set up an appointment.

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