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Dr. Brian Petrie's Approach For Diagnosis and Treatment of Spinal Ligament Injuries

If you have been in an auto accident and have injured your spine, your doctor may or may not know that damage to spinal ligaments can be one of the most significant injuries you can have. 

At our office we perform a specific test that allows us to accurately and objectively determine just how much ligament damage you may have had from the accident.

This is critical information needed in order to set up the most effective treatment plan for a full recovery.

Spinal ligaments hold the bones in perfect alignment so you can perform and activity without pain or damage to the spine. When the ligaments are damaged, the spine is no longer capable of staying aligned under stress and excessive motion to the joints occurs.

To test how damaged your spinal ligaments may be, we take special x-rays called stress views that image the spine under stress. We then send those x-rays out for a special procedure that is performed by board certified medical radiologist. These radiologist are going to do a computerized radiographic measurement analysis  (CRMA) to objectively measures areas of excessive spinal motion.

This test will show us where and how bad the damage is to the ligaments and the spine.

This information is not determined with an MRI. However if we suspect damage to the spinal discs, we are able to order that test as well.

Spinal ligament injuries are the number 1 cause of chronic pain and excessive medical expenses in the U.S. today which is why it is so important to work with our office in order to get a correct diagnosis of this condition. Without this information, it is difficult to set up a proper treatment plan tailored to your specific injury.

Call the chiropractic office of Dr. Brian Petrie in Raynham, MA if you suspect this type of injury and don't feel like you are getting the treatment you deserve.  

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