Spinal Ligament Injuries A Leading Cause of Chronic Pain and Disability

John hurt his neck and back in an automobile accident. When he went to the emergency room, they told him he had just a soft tissue injury and there was nothing to worry about. On the way home from the hospital, still in pain, John got to think that isn't the most important tissues of the body the soft tissues like the brain, organs, joints and nerves? John looked up information on the internet regarding spinal ligament injuries. He found that these injuries are the most common cause of chronic pain and disability and can cause severe financial burdens in the future. 

He also found that one of the most challenging task was to find a doctor that understood these injuries and could accurately diagnose them. That is when he came across our office and set up an appointment.

If you have suffered a spinal ligament injury from an auto accident, slip and fall, work injury or sports related injury, don't wait. Call our office today. Time matters, as the longer you wait, there is is a greater risk you may not fully recover.

Call our office today at 508-821-4049.  Dr. Brian Petrie Neck and Back Pain Relief, Raynham area Chiropractor.

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