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I have been a chiropractic patient for many years and understand what it is like to be treated by many different chiropractors with various techniques and procedures. I have always responded best to the doctors that told me what I needed for treatment, but ultimately allowed me, the patient, to decide how long I was going to benefit from care. It is this philosophy that I have incorporated into my practice, giving patients what they want from their chiropractic treatment  allowing them to decide how long they would like to benefit from care. 

Not everyone has a condition that will respond to chiropractic treatment. Those that do will usually feel some relief within 2 weeks once they begin treatment. For this reason, we offer an opportunity to consult with us to determine if your particular situation is something that chiropractic and our unique approach can help.

If you're taking medication, having injections, and wondering why your pain won’t go away, please give our office a call. Our treatments are designed to get you pain free and out of our office as quickly and easily as possible.

Dr. Petrie has been providing quality chiropractic care to the residents of Raynham and the surrounding communities of Taunton, Easton, Bridgewater, Middleboro, Lakeville, Dighton and Berkley, MA for over 16 years. We have been a member of ChiroTrust in Raynham, MA since Feb 2014


  • We offer short term care as well as more extensive care when needed for neck and back pain.
  • We work with your medical doctors.
  • Private adjusting and treatment rooms.
  • No forced chiropractic education or spinal care classes.

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  • Dr.
    Brian Petrie

    Although I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1993, I have suffered significant low back pain since a severe strain during a track and field event in high school. This injury was compounded by working several years on a farm, followed by four years in the United States Marine Corps and a short career as a commercial hardhat diver. I was spending hundreds of dollars on various types of back pain remedies and only obtained significant benefit from chiropractic care. Because of my fascination with science and desire to help other people suffering from similar problems, I decided to give up my diving career and pursue a career as a chiropractor.

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Read What Our Patients Say About Us

  • "Dr. Petrie is a subject matter expert in his Chiropractic field. You will walk out of his office feeling a noticeable improvement just after 1 session. He is also well versed in health and nutrition as a whole providing patient excellent recommendations for overall healthy lifestyle habits. Highly recommended Dr. Brian Petrie!"
    Breyda P.
  • "I've have been seeing Dr Petrie now over a couple of years. With his help I have been able to do more everyday. Just not a chiropractor so much more. Health fitness and educate. No one better"
    Walter R.
  • "Dr Petrie is thorough and listens to what the problem is. Then fixes me everytime. Very professional and kind. Love it there."
    MDB W.
  • "Very knowledgeable and my first impression is one of thoughtfulness!! He has really made a great effort to get me in to try a get me on the right track of healing."
    Timothy A.

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